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Kiirus' Staff Application

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Kiirus' Staff Application Empty Kiirus' Staff Application

Post by Kiirus Fri Feb 14, 2014 10:16 pm

Name: Kiirus

BYOND Key: Aeolus The Silent

Length of time played: Four Days

Position: Game Moderator

GM Rank Deserved: Trial Enforcer

Experience: I’ve served GM in quite a few games, I’ve also done a lot of GFX work that is top notch. However my real experience lies in Staff Management and Player/Staff Relations. I’m extremely good at resolving issues with minimal verbs, as verbs are not required 4/5 times there is a dispute, or a problem needs to be solved.

Reason: I simply want the game to prosper, and having the presence of a Staff member softens inter-player relations. The game also has a great development, and I’d simply like to be a part of the production and proudly be able to put my name on the game when it has a large and successful player base.


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